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Integrated Science Year 11 and 12

Term 1

Reduce, Renew, Reuse and Recycle

For the first time Integrated Science is being run as a combined year 11 and 12 class. The 18 students, as well as learning about Marine Science,are tackling some of the school’s sustainability goals. A project titled “Reduce, Renew, Reuse and Recycle” is designed to help the students take a leadership role on initiatives including hosting a waste free day at school, recycling plastic bottles and turning them into cartridges for 3D printers, adding more composting options and food waste bins to the campus and designing a self-sustaining native garden with a water feature. The projects are also designed to be completed in partnership with primary classes to make this a whole school effort.

Last week students helped the kindergarten and pre-primary classes to prepare the vegetable garden beds for this year’s crops and today teams of students analysed the contents of several bins to sort and weigh the amount of food waste and recyclable material that is currently being thrown away to end up at local landfills.


Sport Club


DMC runs different types of Sport Club such as Badminton, Basketball, Net Ball, Soccer, Ping Pong, Hockey...etc

Stay Calm and Knit Away – Knitting Club


In the knitting club, we invite everyone to join us from year 1 to year 12. It is a place where we relax and forget about school work for just a little while. Knitting is a wonderful skill to have and once learned, can stay with you for the rest of your life.


I was very fortunate to be taught this skill by my grandmother and I consider it a most valuable leisure activity. Some of the things that we knitted in our knitting class are blankets, scarfs, beanies and cup cosies. But we have also done some crocheting as well, mainly glass jar cosies. Sometimes we do some stitching as well; this year we made some very colourful book marks using blanket stitch.



Come and Join us


Cross Country


Mini-Master Chef


1 cup of good thoughts

1 cup of kind deeds

1 cup of consideration for others

2 cups of sacrifice

2 cups of well-beaten faults

3 cups of forgiveness


  1. Mix thoroughly

  2. Add tears of joy, sorrow and sympathy

  3. Fold in 4 cups of prayer and faith

  4. Blend warmth of human kindness and serve with a smile anytime.

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