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  • Encourage students to attain the beliefs, values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and practices which will enable them to achieve their full potential as human persons. The College community’s concern will be students’ integrated development as Catholic men and women – as responsible, inner-directed individuals of Catholic virtue, capable of free choice and of making value judgments enlightened by a formed conscience that follows Jesus

  • Ensure that the care and development of each person takes place within the Catholic faith community. In the school, students should see Catholic values actively lived rather than merely spoken of, and experience them in sincere interpersonal relationships

  • Seek to empower students to achieve their potential, as our gift to God. In the school the students will be encouraged to be responsible for their learning and to respect the right of others to learn. The school will also give the students every opportunity to experience the consequence of their actions


  • Divine Mercy College strives to provide a well - balanced curriculum focusing on academic, spiritual, physical and moral values.

  • Priority is given to systematic and structured education following West Australian Curriculum.  We believe every child is a valued member of the school’s community and deserves the very best in all areas of human development.

  • To attract and retain quality teachers, staff and administrators who support the DMC mission

  • To encourage development of the whole person by providing access to a wide range of cultural, academic activities

  • Divine Mercy College strives to provide students’ with positive learning experiences.


  • Be concerned with the nurturing and well-being of all who impact on the school community. The school’s pastoral dimension will show itself in the mutual respect, care and support administrators and staff show towards each other, as well as through the care they all show for their students. From the pastoral dimension of the total school life, students learn their own value and dignity

  • To recognise that no student can learn unless the environment is inclusive, safe, orderly and stimulating


  • To encourage the cooperation among church, school, home and the community that is essential to the educational process

  • To recognize and address the different challenges and opportunities of all educational levels available through at the College

  • To encourage cooperation among Primary School and High School and all educational levels; collaborating when possible

Annual Report



Each year the principal produces an Annual Report which details the performance and achievements of the school including consideration of the priorities and targets described in the Business Plan. Click the button below to download our latest Annual Report.

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National Quality Standards Audit

The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a high national benchmark for early childhood education and care and outside school hours care services in Australia.

The NQS includes 7 quality areas that are important outcomes for children.

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