Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

STEM plays an integral role in the educational objectives of the College – to prepare students for a future rich in opportunities. So too, does a complex understanding of our living world and the physical rules of nature that govern it, assist in our desire to know the universe as God’s creation.

Through each specialist program, the College seeks to awaken in students a critical sense that examines statements rather than accepting them blindly; encourages the mind to learn with careful order and precise methods, and to work with a sense of responsibility.

STEM-specific programs begin in year 4, during computing classes; then progress in years 5 and up with steadily advancing robotics, coding, testing, specialised program proficiency and applied information technology endeavours.

Beginning in year 8, the College offers physics, chemistry and biology with subject specialists. Fully-equipped labs are available on campus and regularly used to enable a practical and hands-on approach to science education.

Of particular emphasis is the provision of additional resources outside of class time, to encourage a more individualised approach to learning, in preparation for upper high school and education beyond year 12.