Learning Support Team

Learning Support Team

At Divine Mercy College we focus on improving literacy and numeracy skills school-wide, as well as providing individualised learning programs as needed. Students who are not meeting benchmarks are quickly identified by our Learning Support Team, who work in collaboration with classroom, homeroom and subject teachers to create Individualised Education Plans.

This flexible approach allows all students to access the curriculum at their capacity and achieve success.

Literacy Assistance

Our repertoire of specialised literacy intervention programs includes the reputable MultiLit suite of programs by Macquarie University (MacqLit, Spell-It, Reading Tutor and MiniLit), to assist students in developing the English Phonic Code, phonological awareness, reading, writing and expressive skills. All of our Education Assistants have received quality training by the Multi-Lit team and are certified to deliver all our literacy intervention programs.

Use of these programs to date has shown to be greatly successful with students responding enthusiastically and demonstrating significant growth in these skillsets.

Numeracy Assistance

The Learning Support Team provide numeracy support via tailor-made mathematics programs, aimed at increasing numeric fluency at any level.

These unique approaches to mathematic comprehension are rooted in contemporary educational methodology, as offered via specialised workshops through the Association of Independent Schools of WA.

Specialised support and pastoral care

We acknowledge that some of our students will present with specialised support requirements in order to maintain their social and educational success. In such cases, our Learning Support Team creates a tailored program specifically suited to the individual student’s needs.

For students who identify with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or specific learning disorders (such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia), support with social skills and educational objectives is developed in collaboration with the student, parents and healthcare professionals.

Meanwhile, pastoral care sessions and programs are provided to any College student in need of individualised self-esteem or emotional growth and development support.