About Us

Divine Mercy College began in 1996 when a group of faith-filled Perth parents and teachers gathered to share a vision for a Catholic school that provided a more traditional faith experience and formation.

Inspired by the writings of Saint Faustina Kowalska – who recorded the revelations she received about God’s bountiful mercy for humanity – the group adopted the motto ‘ Jesus, I trust in you’. In doing so, the community grew in support; and through providence, the registered independent Catholic school was established in Belmont.

In 2004 the College relocated to the newly-developed campus in Yangebup, where students from kindergarten through to year 12 are taught.

For over 25 years, Divine Mercy College has been providing an educational philosophy in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony. Not simply a place where lessons are taught; the College has an operative educational philosophy: attentive to the needs of today’s youth and illuminated by the gospel message.

‘Faith which does not become culture is a faith which has not been fully received, not thoroughly thought through, not faithfully lived out’ Pope John Paul II (1982).

Our mission is to instil the core values of faith, education, service and personal development in each student, so that they can positively influence this rapidly-changing world.


At Divine Mercy College, faith permeates every facet of our approach, activities and endeavours: we do not see faith as an accessory, but rather, an all-encompassing foundation, through which we live life.

Our students are encouraged to attain the beliefs, values, attitudes, knowledge and practices of the Catholic faith. This education involves an integrated religious education program, preparation for the sacraments, as well as daily devotion through prayer and weekly school masses in our campus chapel.

We expect all members of our school community to actively live their Catholic values, and experience them in sincere interpersonal relationships between peers, staff and the wider school community.


Divine Mercy College provides a well-balanced, approved and assessed curriculum, focussed on academic, cultural, physical, spiritual, and moral values. Our team of quality specialist teachers, staff and administrators share our vision: to translate Christ’s inspiration from the ideal into the real.

The College caters to children from Kindergarten through to Year 12 and offers a full selection of specialist music, language, science, technology, art, and physical educational programs and resources, alongside the foundational curriculum.

Specialist teachers are provided from year 6 onwards, and dedicated formation for Naplan, ATAR and WACE is also delivered.

Further details of our educational components and results, as related to early learning, primary, and high school can be found here.

Divine Mercy College implements the Child Protection Curriculum.

Diversity and inclusivity is present throughout our strong academic programs; significant population of students for whom English is an additional language; as well as our multicultural and internationally-experienced group of staff.